Suntech's Milestones

  • 2001
    • Wuxi Suntech Power Co.,Ltd. was founded
  • 2002
    • Suntech initiated its first 10MW production line,the production capacity equals to China's total PV cell production in the previous 4 years
  • 2005
    • Suntech launched its initial public offering(IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange, marking a turning point for Suntech's global strategy
  • 2006
    • Suntech acquired MSK Corporation one of Japan's largest PV manufacturers and top ranked enterprise in the BIPV industry
    • Suntech's production capacity expanded to 300 MW
  • 2008
    • Annual production capacity reached 1GW
    • Suntech Photovoltaic Technology Research institute established
  • 2009
    • Suntech broke the world record as the monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon cell efficiency researched 19.2% and 17.2% with its Pluto Technology
    • Cooperated with UL,Suntech built up the world's best-class PV module testing
  • 2011
    • Annual production capacity reached 2.4Gw, and shipped 2.1 GW modules worldwide,which made Suntech the biggest PV module supplier for two consecutive years
  • 2013
    • Shunfeng Photovoltaic international Limited, aHKSE listed renewable energy investment/EPC company, announced to invest and acquire Wuxi Suntech Power Co.,Ltd. it marked a new era for Suntech
  • 2014
    • Suntech has shippend more than 8 GW, or over 25 million solar modules worldwide

About Shunfeng

Shunfeng Photovoltaic International Limited ("Shunfeng"), a HKSE listed renewable energy investment / EPC company, is one of biggest renewable energy investors in China and in 2013 alone Shunfeng's newly added installation reached 890MW. In 2014, we have even bigger plan.

We kept our commitment in research and development, even in 2013 which was a year challenging for the whole industry and for Suntech in particular.

With more than 200 scientists and technologists across China, Australia and Japan, and strong cooperation with international universities and research institutions, we are able to constantly offer industry leading new products to you:

High performance, aesthetic appearance and universal format, flexible and perfect for roof systems

1640 × 992 × 35 mm
Up to 270 Wp nominal power
Up to 16.6% module efficiency
Monocrystalline cells

High efficiency and large format, results in labour and installation cost savings

1956 × 992 × 40 mm
Up to 325 Wp nominal power
Up to 16.7% module efficiency
Monocrystalline cell

Maximum performance with panel level DC to AC power conversion and monitoring, ideal for every roof
Suntech FusionTM AC

Frame-integrated with
microinverter 60-cell module
format Enphase Energy
Microinverter technology

New 3rd Party Insurance

About Solar Insurance & Finance (SolarIF)

About the program

  • project business based, extendable to residential and commercial businesses;
  • backs up manufacturer product warranty by including coverage for inherent defects (cost of labor, transportation, business interruption, etc.),
    and in addition offers coverage for operational all risk*;
  • claim through insurance provider – standard & efficient process, and this offer stays valid even if manufacturer can't pay back or no longer exists;
  • 1-5 years per term per policy, 20 years maximum

What Suntech offers to you :

  • Standard 1 year (Operational All Risks) +5 years (Product Warranty) package with lowest
    possible cost ( ask our sales representatives for price reference);
  • More flexible options available/negotiable with SolarIF directly (if approved by SolarIF).

More 3rd Party Insurance Programs… Stay Tuned !

* For details, please ask our sales representatives for the policy book

Over 800MW had been delivered in 2013, thanks to your continuous support.


    • Country: Yuma AZ, USA
      Capacity: 52MWp

    • Country: Bangchak Petroleum
      Capacity: 50 MWp

    • Country: La Paz, Mexico
      Capacity: 38MWp

    • Country: Simens, South Africa
      Capacity: 100MWp

    • Country: Romania
      Capacity: 39MWp

    • Country: Korea
      Capacity: 40MWp

    • Country: Sheyang China
      Capacity: 130MWp

    • Country: Shikun & Binui Israel
      Capacity: 11kWp

Please visit us at these 2014 Suntech Events. See you there!